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 The Forum Rules

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The Forum Rules Empty
PostSubject: The Forum Rules   The Forum Rules I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 15, 2009 11:21 pm

1.) No Pornographic Content.

2.) No illegal content.

3.) No spamming.

4.) No harassing/flaming (Being disrespectful) any visitors, users, Mods, Admins, or anyone else that uses the forums. If caught and depending on the case you could be either given an infraction or be banned.

5.) No posting in the wrong sections.

6.) No creating more than one account

7.) If you are banned and you create another account and you are caught you will be IP Banned for double the amount of the time you were originally banned for. So if you were banned for 3 days and you make a new account 1 day before your original ban is up. If you are caught your second account will be deleted and your ban will start over as an IP ban for 6 days instead of 3.

NOTICE: The reason I don't do IP bans that often is because I can not set it so that the IP ban is temporary. So the reason why the IP bans are twice as long is not to make you wait longer, but because if you are IP banned, it may be a little longer since I have to remember I banned someone and that it does not automatically remove the ban once the banning period is up. Like I said if the person continues to make more accounts and I keep having to add and remove the person from the banned IP list I may just completely forget I banned that person if you know what I mean. (Permanent Ban in case you didn't know what I mean.)

8.) If posting a download link, the link must be a direct download and not require registration of any kind.

9.) No Advertising anywhere on the forums (Posts, Shoutbox, Signature, ect.) People seem to be having trouble understanding what advertising is. Advertising is purposely telling about a website that you may own or know and then sending a link to it. Just posting a random link in a post and not saying ONE word is not only advertising, but spamming also.File hosting (like megauploads, sendspace, ect.), myspace, and youtube (Or other video websites like google videos) links or links required for a tutorial. If the tutorial can still be used without the links then the links should not be posted. If the tutorial WILL NOT WORK without the links then you may post them. If the tutorial requires a link, but the link goes to a website similar to mine DO NOT POST IT! Other than that there will be NO ADVERTISING.

ADVERTISING- Any links are counted as advertising. If it is a website it is a link. If it redirects to another website it is a link. If it goes to another website it is a link. If a link is posted in a code tag it is still a link.

rokkerguy and Third Planet Graphics staff
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The Forum Rules
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